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Here is our selection of some of our fine used guitars if you find one you like please email us or give us a call. Sorry we only ship to the USA.


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ESP (We Also have Brand New ESP / LTD guitars in Stock)

WA-200 w/case 2011 Near Mint 299.95  
ESP M1 George Lynch w/case 2008 Excellent SOLD


Strat with 76 Pickups w/ohsc 1974 Good $1850.00 74 Fender Strat.jpg (39064 bytes)
Strat Refin with orginal pickups w/nohsc 1979 Very Good 1495.00  
 USA Burger Beatle Start w/bag 2011/2001 Near Mint 800.00  
USA Deluxe Strat w/case 2006 Excellent 995.00  
USA Start w/case 1987 Excellent 800.00  
USA Hwy 1 Start Area 58-61 w/case 2003 Excellent 625.00  
USA Strat  in Rare Torino red w/case 2000 Excellent 750.00
USA Strat  w/case 1999 Excellent + 800.00  
USA Strat w/lace sensors w/case 1998 Excellent + 750.00  
Standard Strat 1998 Very good 225.00  
Buck Owens w/case 2002 Near mint SOLD Thanks John!
MIJ Paisley Tele- changed Tuners /bag 1997 Excellent+ SOLD
MIM Rosewood Tele w/bag 2002 Very Good SALE 495.00
USA Tele Specail w/case 2011 Excellent 650.00  
USA Tele w/case 2006 Excellent 795.00  
51 Nocaster Custom Shop Relic w/case 2005 Near Mint? SOLD
Jazz Bass w/ohsc 1965 Very Good + CALL 65Jazzbass.jpg (140567 bytes)
Fender P Bass with S-1 Switch w/case 2006 Excellent + 795.00
HMT bass  w/Bag 1992 Excellent SOLD


Les Paul Deluxe Rare Lefty Engraved by Les Paul w/case 1981 Very Good 3000.00
Les Paul Standard w/ohsc 1978 Excellent 1999.99  
Les Paul Custom 25/50 1979 Very Good SOLD
Les Paul Standard Faded w/case 2005 Excellent 1495.00
Les Paul Studio Platinum w/bag 2004 Excellent 800.00  
Les Paul Studio w/bag 1986 Excellent 950.00  
Les Paul Studio w/bag 2001 Excellent + 800.00  
Les Paul Studio w/bag 1999 Excellent 750.00  
SG Standard w/case 2010 Excellent ++ 950.00
SG Tribute with Dimarzio Mini Humbuckers  w/case 2011 Near Mint 600.00
SG Faded with Duncan 59 w/bag 2003 Excellent 525.00
SG Faded w/bag 2007 Excellent 495.00
ES-335 Custom Order Rare Color w/case 2001 Excellent + SOLD
Sammy Hager Red Rocker Exployer w/case 2011 Like New 1695.00
Exployer w/case 2003 Excellent 995.00  
Flying V w/case 2004 Excellent + 850.00  
Melody Maker D w/ossc 1963 Good SOLD


Duo Jet w/case 2001 Excellent + SOLD


JEM 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Steve Vai w/case This guitar is not on display and was only taken out of the original shipping box to take photo. Please ask to see. 2007 As New (mint) SOLD

90th Anniversary Jem 1of only 72 imported from Japan. w/nohsc 1998 Excellent + Call  
PGM-100 (Not a reissue) Signed by Brad Gilbert w/case 1991 Very Good Hold


Nightswan has changed pickups w/case 1987 Very Good SOLD
Nightswan 1987 Good  SOLD KramerNightswandot.jpg (127408 bytes)


T-52 w/case 2011 Mint? SOLD

Paul Reed Smith

PRS CU24 This is one of my personal guitars that was featured on the famous poster with Michelle McCurry w/case 1997 Excellent SOLD
Standard w/nohsc 1993 Very Good 1495.00  
Custom 24 10 Top, Moons  w/case 1997 Very Good SOLD

Abbreviations used in our used listings:

MC Mint Condition - when we say mint, we mean mint. No wear, like new out of the box.
EC Excellent Condition - Very clean, might have some minor wear. but very close to new condition.
VGC Very Good Condition - Basically clean, might have some deeper scratches, pick wear or missing finish. Nothing real serious, no cracks, unless otherwise stated.
GC Good Condition - Solid playing condition, may have one or more repaired cracks or other cosmetic flaws.
FC Fair Condition and PC = Poor Condition - Indicate that the instrument may have some problems, usually described.
HSC Hard Shell Case - Price includes hard shell case 
OHSC Original Hard Shell Case - Includes original hard shell case
(usually vintage instruments).
SSC Soft-shell Case - Prices includes soft-shell case. 
SN Serial Number - We include this whenever possible. 
HOLD transaction pending on this item 

In addition to the conditions listed above, we sometimes note that a piece might be somewhere in between (such as E-MC to note an instrument between Excellent and Mint condition) or we might use a + or - (such as VGC+) to denote something slightly nicer or not quite as nice. Shop Adjustments: Our stringed instruments are shop adjusted (except those offered AS-IS ) for easy playability before we put them up for sale. Our personal rule of thumb for setting the action (string height above fretboard) has been developed over many years.
    We are confident that nearly all players will be pleased with our average setup.  However, some players may want the action adjusted in a way that is outside these parameters. We are happy to provide this service, but in some instances there may be an additional charge (particularly if you want higher action than our standard).

Trial Period: We have a 48 hour trial period on instruments. If you do not like the instrument for any reason just contact us and let us know you will be returning the instrument. Instruments must be returned to us by UPS or equivalent carrier prepaid insured and should be packed in the manner it was received. There is a 15% restocking fee to cover all credit card fees. We do not refund shipping cost.

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