BILL NASH GUITARS -Time Warp Series-
We are now the central Florida dealer for luthier Bill Nash’s Relic Series guitar - they are by far, in our opinion, the best quality for the price - they really have the look, feel, sound, and vibe of an old guitar. These are not Fenders and Nash has no affiliation with them—he gets Fender-licensed necks and bodies and does his own version of the “Relics”. Bill No longer does custom-order guitars with specific pickups, necks, etc., you need to order directly from a NASH Dealer which we are the Florida dealer for Bill NASH guitars. - he builds guitars on a regular basis but he is a one man show so please be patient and trust me it's their worth the wait.

 T-52 Butterscotch Ash Body with Boat V neck and FralinPickups. Light Relic. This guitar has a wonderful neck and really it self. $1799.95
S-57 Ash Body,  Beefy V neck , Lollar pickups, Med / Light Relic. . Very Nice guitar and only 7 lbs light  and Made in 2006!... SOLD



TC-63 Black Fat C neck and Lollars, Heavy. On Order 


Here's what our customers say about NASH guitars.

WOW,  Really nice guitar, Randy. It plays so nicely. Such
a nice balanced ring and resonance across the frequencies. It truly is
a pleasure to play and it seems to be growing on me more every hour.
Acoustically, I'm still somewhat shocked at the length of time a note or
chord sustains. The most I remember ever is an ash tele  a friend
of mine had and tried to sell me years ago...12 seconds unplugged. The
Nash is a solid 10 bordering on 11. Think about that. An unamplified
solid body instrument single string sustaining for 11 seconds. Very cool.
I must confess that this is my first nitro-cellulose lacquer finished, have I been missing out. I played a few and recognized
the difference but damn...this Pink reminds me of a 64 Olympic
white that a dude in Richmond owned. I used to tour up that way a lot in
the early 90's and he would come to all the gigs. He would let me play
that 64 and it drove me crazy...the Pink is amazingly close in vibe, 
 feel and tone.'s all  magic......... Joe King, Daytona Bch 
Hear Joe King's Nash Guitar on youtube

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